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October 16th, 2014
WING Awards
Holiday Inn Monroeville

Monroeville, PA

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Who Are We?

The E³ is brought to you by Shale Media Group.  We are a prominent news, information, and education source in the region with a focus on keeping the public updated on developments in the Marcellus and Utica Shale industry. We promote awareness of the multiple methods in which the energy sector continues to generate business opportunities locally and worldwide. With our networking reach throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, we are hosting a monthly meeting of “energy minds” in the area.

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4th Annual Water Reuse Initiative 2014
Oct 29 – Oct 30 all-day

Produced Water Reuse Initiative 2014

With the demand for water for hydraulic fracturing in the Rocky Mountains set to double by 2015, it is estimated that cost reductions per barrel of oil of between 24 – 46% could be achieved through the application of advanced water recycling techniques in the region

Finding the most economical ways of reusing produced water will therefore be one of the key drivers for reducing the cost of operations for E&Ps working in unconventional plays in the Rockies. Meanwhile, operators need to determine how they can effectively source freshwater resources within increasingly stringent regulations and dispose of produced water cost-effectively where reuse is not possible.

To help with this, the 4th Annual Produced Water Reuse Initiative 2014: Rocky Mountains Tight Oil & Shale Gas Plays will be featuring a totally revamped agenda this year with 18+ operator case studies exclusively from companies working in theBakken, Niobrara and other plays in the DJ, Powder River, Uinta & Piceance Basins.

Operators at the event will be examining the optimal water treatment storage and recycling strategies for minimizing the cost of reusing produced water for completions in Rocky Mountains tight oil and shale gas plays and determining the most cost-effective water sourcing & disposal strategies.


Key Topics Of Focus Will Include:

MINIMIZING PRODUCED WATER REUSE COSTS: Examining the optimal treatment technologies and recycling strategies for driving down the costs of reusing produced water for completions in shale plays in the Rockies

WATER SOURCING STRATEGIES: Evaluating strategies for working within existing regulatory frameworks to cost-effectively source freshwater for hydraulic fracturing

WATER STORAGE STRATEGIES : Identifying the most cost-effective water storage options for produced water reuse operations

REUSING FLOWBACK WATER: For the first time, as well as sessions on produced water reuse in general, there will also be specific focus sessions on reusing flowback water

WATER TRANSPORTATION: Comparing the economics of transporting water by truck vs. pipeline and overcoming the challenges of cost-effectively establishing central gathering systems


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Liquid Rich Horizontal Completions Optimization @ EMBASSY SUITES COLUMBUS HOTEL BUCKEYE BALLROOM
Oct 29 – Oct 30 all-day

Liquid Rich Horizontal Completions Optimization: Marcellus & Utica

The Marcellus play has been drilled and completed for many years and this congress is not aiming to recall what operators already know. Liquid Rich Horizontal Completions Optimization: Marcellus & Utica 2014 is focused entirely on exploiting remaining high value, liquid rich opportunities that lie within the play in light of gas prices, and optimizing increasing opportunities in the Utica.


The current gas price situation in the US however, means Marcellus operators need to be ahead of the game by developing highly advanced techniques for making marginal wells economic and developing completions strategies for optimizing liquid recovery. Operators are now actively making progress in reducing cluster spacing and optimizing stage and lateral lengths in liquid rich reservoirs to ensure incremental cost and performance gains. Due to the increasing number of trials measuring changes in such variables, the industry at large is now at a point where findings and information sharing could lead to significant commercial gains.


The liquid rich Utica is arguably an easy win for Marcellus operators and many are already seeing significant production successes due to the delivery of optimal completions techniques. However, the increase in near wellbore stimulation and lateral lengths, in the dense, typically higher-pressured, Utica wells, present their own cost challenges. These include ensuring the availability and development of higher PSI rated equipment, developing extended lateral completions strategies and creating frac designs suitable for high pressure wells; challenges that are often easily overcome by hearing what others have already failed and succeeded at.


The primary mission of the Liquid Rich Horizontal Completions Optimization: Marcellus & Utica 2014 congress is to determine which advanced completion techniques are being used by leading operators to improve well economics in the Appalachian Basin. Over two days, leading completions managers and experts from E&P companies will be delivering data driven strategies to optimize overall recovery by identifying which well design and frac design parameters are contributing most to production in liquid rich wells in the Marcellus and Utica.

Case studies and workshop presentations will be delivered over the two days include operator strategies for cluster spacing reduction, stage length and lateral length optimization, pump rate and proppant concentration decision making and perforation techniques to optimize completions design to maximize SRV and decrease operational costs in the Marcellus and Utica.

What Is Unique About The Congress?

HIGH VALUE RESERVOIR FOCUS: The Marcellus play has been drilled and completed for many years and this congress isn’t aiming to recall what operators already know. This congress is about looking at those remaining challenges and high value opportunities that lie within the play in light of gas prices and increasing investment opportunities in the Utica.

FOCUSING ON ADVANCED CASE STUDIES FOR EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS: Operators in the Marcellus are not new to fracing. This congress has been created specifically for completions professionals looking to apply highly advanced completions techniques to incrementally improve costs and well performance.

INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS: Day two will take a greater focus on how to carry out key areas of completions to optimize production. Rather then being case study-led, day two will provide more practical and interactive platforms for discussion, ideas sharing and debates on what works best in different areas of completions. Each workshop will be led by practitioners who are either out on the field or otherwise working on Marcellus and Utica completions projects on a day to basis.

PLAY SPECIFIC: This is not a congress looking at completion case studies in general. The E&P case studies delivered at this event are from operators overcoming challenges unique to the Marcellus and Utica plays to deliver more relevant and applicable learning benefits.

FULLY E&P LED: This is an industry collaboration congress, researched directly with leading completions engineers in the Appalachian Basin to ensure the agenda reflects the most current, time critical challenges being faced in Marcellus and Utica completions.

STAGE LENGTH AND CLUSTER SPACING FOCUS: With stage and cluster spacing being the most hotly discussed completions variables in the plays, speakers at the congress will place special focus on examining and comparing the very latest results from varying stage and cluster lengths being trialled in the Marcellus and Utica to determine which is proving to yield optimal results.

PIOGA Conventional Producers’ Roundtable @ Ramada Greensburg Hotel and Conference Center
Nov 3 @ 9:00 am – 2:30 pm
2014 ShaleNET Workforce Forum
Nov 5 – Nov 6 all-day

The 2014 ShaleNET Workforce Forum Tools for the Future offers an unrivaled opportunity to engage leaders from the oil and natural gas industry, education, workforce development, and the public work­force system. This year’s forum will share successes and challenges in unlocking the human capital needed to tap the vast potential of shale exploration and utilization. Network with decision makers and acquire tips to make your efforts at developing a skilled workforce more productive.

This year’s focus is the workforce development needs and emerging trends of the natural gas industry. Speakers from Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and other shale plays in North America will discuss how these reserves are reshaping the debate on domestic and international energy policy and what the future holds for workforce development.

To learn more and register go to:

Executive Oil Conference @ Midland County Horseshoe
Nov 10 – Nov 11 all-day

2013 Executive Oil Conference

Since 1995, the Executive Oil Conference has hosted thousands of oil and gas industry executives and finance managers interested in buying, selling and managing oil and gas portfolios. Now owned by Hart Energy, the leader in unconventional resource events, and produced with sponsorship by its founder, Petroleum Strategies, Inc., this annual conference provides unique educational, deal-making and networking opportunities. View the agenda to get a feel for the scope and the relevance of our unique conference content.

The Permian Basin is busting at the seams, and this year’s conference will examine the various opportunities and challenges in this booming market. The event’s new dates for 2013 are October 14-15. The conference will still be held in Midland and will include the ever-popular golf tournament.

An annual conference for those who buy, sell and manage oil and gas assets

The Executive Oil Conference, now in its 19th year, has brought thousands of oil and gas industry executives and managers to Midland, Texas, for education, networking and deal making–all with one focus: the management of oil and gas property portfolios. Read more.

Why should you take up to two days (including the golf tournament) away from your busy schedule to attend?

  • Meet Permian Basin decision makers
  • Gain insight into what is going on in the Permian Basin
  • Learn from leading companies how they are succeeding

Who attends the Executive Oil Conference?

  • Major and independent oil and gas producers
  • Presidents/CEOs/CFOs/COOs
  • E&P executives
  • Business development managers and team
  • Operations engineers
  • Consulting engineers and landmen
  • Bankers and financial advisors
  • Others involved in the A&D sector of the energy industry

Venue: Midland County Horseshoe | 2514 Arena Trail | Midland, TX 79701

Full Site and Details HERE

IOGANY 34th Annual Meeting @ Hyatt Regency Buffalo
Nov 11 – Nov 12 all-day
Midstream PA 2014
Nov 18 all-day

Welcome to Midstream PA 2014. Discover the midstream opportunities

where literally billions of dollars will be spend building out the pipelines in


Midstream PA 2014 brings together the key midstream companies to

discuss their development plans over the next several years especially

2015. Hear about the anticipated growth in the midstream market and how

to prepare your business for this explosive development!

Presenting Companies


MarkWest Energy Partners

Sunoco Logistics

UGI Energy Services

Hart Energy

H&H Enterprises

Cabot Oil & Gas

and more…

Register now for this informative conference and networking event.

Seating is limited in order to maximize the networking opportunities.

Sponsorships are limited. There are a few remaining.

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Niobrara Completions and Well Spacing Congress 2014 @ Lakewood Ballroom
Nov 18 – Nov 19 all-day

Niobrara Completions & Well Spacing Congress 2014

Oil production in the Niobrara has almost doubled from less than 200 thousand barrels per day in 2012 to almost 400 thousand barrels per day in 2014, whilst rig counts have more than tripled from 20 to 70 in the same period. This rapid expansion is only set to accelerate, with latest reports showing that Niobrara operators collectively are expected to invest over $7 billion in the play in the next year.

With most of the key acreage bought up and sweet spots now identified, the focus of operators in the Niobrara has now moved to maximizing the productivity and economics of their wells. To do this they need to identify the optimal well spacing, completions techniques and lateral lengths to drive increased production rates.

The inaugural Niobrara Completions & Well Spacing Congress 2014 will be the first event to gather up-to-the-minute case studies from the leading E&Ps in the Niobrara to determine the completions and well spacing strategies that are optimizing productivity in the play. Consisting 100% of operator case studies using real life production data, each presentation will be from work done specifically in the play.

Day 1 will start by examining the optimal well spacing, overall completions strategies, number of fracs per stage and frac sizes for maximizing productivity in the Niobrara. It will then compare the success of different completions techniques in the play, including plug & perf vs. sliding sleeve, open hole vs. cemented liner and slickwater vs. gel fracs.

Day 2 will then provide operator insights into the proppant and frac fluid types and volumes that are having most success in Niobrara wells, before analyzing the optimal lateral lengths and strategies for using geological data to optimize completions in the play.

The congress will be an unmissable opportunity for any operator in the Niobrara who wishes to stay competitive, or any company looking to enter the play in the near future.

5th Annual Shale Play Water Management 2014 @ Hilton Rockwall/Lakefront Hotel
Nov 19 – Nov 20 all-day
5th Annual Shale Play Water Management 2014 @ Hilton Rockwall/Lakefront Hotel

Screen Shot 2014 09 24 at 12.22.24 PM 1024x123 Events


Hydraulic fracturing is on the rise in the water-stressed regions of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. Rapidly expanding E&P operations in shale plays such as the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford and Woodford are creating additional demands for water that add to the increasing demands of maturing plays such as the Barnett, Fayetteville and Haynesville.

A recent report by the World Resources Institute stated that businesses and governments wanting to develop tight oil and gas resources could face intense competition for their water required in hydraulic fracturing. With 38% of the world’s tight shale resources subject to high to extremely high water stress, arid conditions or frequent droughts shale resource development could be limited significantly.

While 38% sounds challenging, it is very low in comparison to the 98% of wells located in medium or higher water stress regions in the Eagle Ford and 87% of wells located in high or extreme water stress in the Permian Region- both of which are also categorized as groundwater challenge and drought regions.
It is clear that operators in the Southern States are facing more complex challenges and greater pressures in sourcing, storing, treating, transporting and disposing of water needed for productive E&P operations and they are working within specific regulatory frameworks.

Hence, it is more crucial than ever that operators develop regional and play-specific water reuse, recycling, treatment, sourcing, storage and disposal for the Southern States shale plays.

To provide up-to-the-minute solutions to these challenges, the 5th Annual Shale Play Water Management 2014, Southern States Congress will be returning to Dallas this November. As the only operator-led community examining water reuse, treatment, sourcing, storage and disposal, and specifically designed for E&Ps working in the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford, Barnett, Haynesville, Fayetteville andWoodford plays, this year’s congress will feature a totally redesigned agenda and revamped speakers line-up based on work done in the last few months and the recent regulatory changes affecting water management.

Over 20 leading experts from E&P companies and relevant government entities will share their experiences and expertise in optimizing water management strategies within the state-specific regulatory frameworks. With a completely updated agenda for 2014 based on what operators stated as their main learning focus, we are looking at facilitating a constructive knowledge-exchange aimed at providing solutions not at outlining challenges.

With Day 1 centered around water recycling and reuse, water treatment andstorage options and Day 2 examining water disposal, sourcing and sharing options for shale play water management, we will dive into what strategies and technologies allow minimizing the costs of shale play water management in the Southern States.


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